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Building a Project Management Process that Actually Works


How the LinkSquares legal team uses Prioritize to boost efficiency

   Thursday, November 16, 2023      12 PM ET


With everything on the legal team's plate, managing tasks efficiently is critical. Yet that's often easier said than done. Join us as we dig into how the LinkSquares legal team has built and implemented a project management process to cut out manual work, save time, and get more done.

Join us to: 

  • See how the LinkSquares legal team uses Prioritize to intake requests from across the business, manage recurring tasks, and tackle large-scale projects and initiatives with a project management tool built for legal

  • Get an inside look at what's new and coming soon in LinkSquares Prioritize!

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Ashlyn Donohue

Director, Legal at LinkSquares

Ashley Gaines

Product Marketing at LinkSquares 

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