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Everything Legal Needs for a Successful Funding Round

A lot of work goes into raising a funding round – especially for the legal team. Your role, from term sheets to data rooms and beyond, can't be understated. That’s a lot to prepare for, and we’ve got you covered. 

This content bundle is your all-access pass to our best funding content, from how-to guides to stories from founders and GCs who have done it before. 

From this bundle, you’ll learn: 

  • How GCs can help companies raise funding rounds and the fundraising questions only legal can answer
  • Advice on how to raise capital and tales from the term sheet from LinkSquares CEO 
  • All about raising a Series C round from Nir Dagan, GC at Wiz
  • And much more! 

Download the bundle today and get ready for a successful fundraise. 

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