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Cockpit Counsel: How Legal and Finance Teams Can Soar Higher Together 

Legal and finance teams have more in common than it seems. Whether they're small or large, they are always mighty! 🦸‍♂️💪 Responsible for both daily tasks and strategic initiatives critical to keeping a company functional, the partnership between them is crucial – especially during times of economic uncertainty. 

Join Tim Parilla, CLO at LinkSquares on this episode of Cockpit Counsel, as he chats with Eric Dutcher, CFO at MBO Partners. They will delve into the various ways their teams can collaborate to find shared success. Don't miss this opportunity to uncover insights on cross-team partnerships!

Tim Parilla, LinkSquares and Eric Dutcher, MBO Partners

From this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Why both legal and finance are business advisors
  • Ways to work together effectively
  • How to build a strong GC/CLO and CFO relationship
  • And more! 

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