LinkSquares' referral partnership is for technology consultants and law firms who want to transform how their clients manage their contracts.

Legal Operations and IT consultants who are involved in recommending document management and workflow solutions can now help their clients take control of their contracts and manage the risks within them, while earning lucrative referral fees.

Law firms who are involved in creating client contracts and want to help their clients manage their contracts can now refer LinkSquares to their clients, earning either product discounts or referral fees in return.

What's in it for you?

- Earn referral fees

- Business planning with LinkSquares' sales team to help you strategize how to maximize your revenue potential

- Gain access to LinkSquares collateral and materials to help you educate your clients on the LinkSquares solution

- An opportunity to differentiate your company and provide your clients with additional value as you turn their corporate contracts into assets

Becoming a LinkSquares Referral Partner is easy.
Interested in learning more? Simply fill out an application and we’ll get back to you within 5 business days. Thank you.