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Get to 'Fully Executed' Faster

With LinkSquares Sign, a powerful eSignature tool built into the LinkSquares platform, you can get from first draft to final signature easier than ever. 


With Sign, you can...

  • Move forward faster by ditching the hassle of jumping between different systems.
  • Uncover bottlenecks and keep agreements moving with comprehensive Signature Request tracking.
  • Automatically centralize your contracts in one repository. Signed agreements and signature certificates are automatically pushed to your contract repository — no more searching for documents in multiple systems.
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The first end-to-end CLM powered by AI

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Manage and track your agreements in one platform — from drafting, to signature, and beyond.

With comprehensive tracking, you can see every turn of your contracts from first view to final signature.

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Find out how you can save time with LinkSquares

LinkSquares is the fastest AI-powered Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution built specifically for in-house legal teams. Request a demo to learn more about features, integrations, and pricing!